The Lotus Collection

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When you shop at A World Apart our hope is to help you to Make Your World Sacred.  Each person is a world unto themselves.  We believe you are all sacred in your own way.  The Lotus Collection will help you to bring beautiful elements into your environment that are rooted in sacred meaning.  In this collection you will find sacred meditation crystals, inspiring incense and burners, sacred candles and votive glasses, empowering books, spiritual elements like prayer beads and meditation tools, and so much more!

Today we bring you our newest addition, the Lotus Chakra Votive holders.  These hand-made Lotus Flower votive holders are made from natural translucent seashells that have been carefully cut, painted, and formed into the beautiful delicate Lotus Flowers you see in our featured photos.  Each Lotus is painted in a color that represents one of the Seven Major Chakras.  These votive holders are beautiful on their own when used as a meditation focus object or when used with the specially made stem-like stands.  Single and Three-Flower stands are available in our showroom.  We can also special order the Tree of Life holder that will accommodate all seven Chakra Lotus Flowers. You can also order the beautiful Chakra balancing Stem, see a sales associate for details.

The Lotus Lights are used to focus your intellect and will on the abilities associated with each Chakra.  If you have developed your Chakra Energies the Lotus Tree is a sign of your enlightenment in the material world.  If you are taking the first steps on your sacred journey, the Lotus Lights are a beautiful way to illuminate your way.  Use them as a meditation focusing tool as you study and develop each Chakra.  Begin with the Root Chakra Light and add a new light each time you ascend to a higher Chakra.  Imagine the beautiful art piece you will have when you have ascended to the highest Chakra!  It can be your reward to your self for completing your journey of light in the energy of the Chakras.

The Root Chakra
This Chakra affirms your right to exist.  It  deals with tasks related to the material and physical world and your ability to stand up for yourself.  Your Root Chakra is thought to be out of balance when you experience anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression, colds or cold hands and feet. A balanced Root Chakra is believed to stimulate physical exercise and restful sleep. 

The Sacral Chakra
This Chakra is associated with the human feelings.  It affirms your right to feel emotion in the material world.  A balanced Sacral Chakra leads to balanced emotions and healthy feelings.  This Chakra is important in helping to connect the higher self with sensing abilities and feelings. The ability to be social and communal is closely tied to a balanced Sacral Chakra.  Keeping this energy healthy helps to avoid trust and intimacy issues.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
This is the Chakra of Personal Power! It is associated with a human's right to possess and develop intelligence and  to think freely. This Chakra helps to balance intellect and will, build self-confidence, and control the power of the ego. A healthy Solar Plexus Chakra helps to develop self-control and sense of humor.

The Heart Chakra
This Chakra is the bridge between the material self and the higher self.  The Heart Chakra is the bridge to the heaven inside you.  It is believed to affect relationships in the material world as it is the Chakra that represents your relationship with your higher self.  It affirms your right to experience love in this life. A healthy Heart Chakra is thought to bring healthy Love, promote forgiveness, and lead to a healthy empathy with the world around you. A balanced Heart Chakra aides your ability to develop self-control and self-acceptance.

The Throat Chakra
This Chakra affects the way you communicate with the Universe!  It affirms your right to speak and express yourself.  It gives you the power to live and defend your beliefs and personal truths. A balanced Throat Chakra is believed to give you the ability build trust and loyalty in your circle of friends and family. A strong Throat Chakra is thought to lead to powerful organizational skills, the ability to motivate others, and plan strategically and effectively.  

The Third Eye Chakra
This is the Chakra of Intuition.  It affirms your right to see past the material world and into the world of meaning.  A Balanced Third Eye Chakra is though to develop a clear and true intuition and draw insights that lead to epiphanies. This Chakra can help with finding a deep connection with the self and aid in self discovery.  It can help you to uncover repressed negative thoughts and eliminate them from your life path. This Chakra is one that not only helps you to take in information from the Universe, but gives you the ability to project out into the world of meaning, therefore helping you to shape your world. 

The Crown Chakra
This Chakra is that which represents your higher self manifested in the perceivable world.  It is that which gives you a connection with That Which Knows All and Is All.  This Chakra affirms your right to aspire to new heights.  It is the Chakra of Ascension.  It is your ability to transcend to the divine consciousness.  It develops your oneness with the Universe.    

Angel Readings!

Angel Readings with Tomas as described here are no longer available at A World Apart.  For more information contact Simply Blessed at 856-514-2222

One of the most popular services offered through the Tranquil Oasis Holistic Living Community is known as an Angel Reading, but what exactly is it?  Over the past few months we have been trying to write a generalized description of the experience but to no avail since each Angel Reading is different depending on the needs of the client. 

We make an effort to ask the clients to describe the experience of their first Angel Reading.  Our favorite description came from a client whose daughter recommended the service to him.  He told us that the Reading taught him how to be a better listener.  He said that some of the information he received was familiar to him because his intuition recognized it as expounding on the faint whisperings he would ‘hear’ during times of confusion or stress.  He told us that the Reading made him realize that his own ‘angels’ were in fact ‘speaking’ to him throughout his life, but he dismissed this as fleeting random thoughts only.  The messages Tomas gave him during the Reading confirmed for him the power of the ‘unseen’ and the potential of the human mind to connect with ‘something greater.’

The Angel Reading is not like a psychic reading, although the ‘psychic’ senses certainly come into play.  It is also not ‘mediumship,’ although it is common that some of the advice calls to mind loved ones who have crossed over.  Tomas theorizes that our loved ones live on in our hearts and so it’s not uncommon to associate certain life advice or emotions with the ‘spirit’ that our loved ones have left us as an eternal reminder of their presence.  When a significant person from our life crosses to the unseen, Tomas believes that we sometimes associate their memory with the idealized father, friend, or teacher.  In the reading clients will often say things like, “…that sounds just like something my father would have told me.  I can feel his guidance with us.”  However, if you are looking for someone to ‘channel’ a loved one who has passed, this isn’t the reading for you!

It is important to note that Tomas does not use “angel cards” as many other ‘angel readers’ do.  These cards are used in a way similar to ‘tarot cards.’  We certainly respect those readers who use guidance tools in their readings,  but our Angels Readings aren’t like any others.  In our Angel Readings, Tomas uses the contemplative techniques he has learned in over fifteen years of spiritual ministry.  Drawing from his experience of Judeo/Christian, Buddhist, and Islamic Mysticism, Tomas has developed a way of ‘going to that inner place of deep prayer and listening for divine guidance’ in the way of the mystics rather than in the way associated with popular psychics.  In our Angel Readings Tomas establishes what he calls ‘a connection with your highest good.’  The Reading becomes a dialogue between the client and those ideals that make one’s life experience unique and sacred. 

So if our Readings don’t involve cards, what is being ‘read’?
The Angels are being ‘read’ directly!  So what does ‘Angel’ mean?  Well the world itself refers to ‘divine messenger.’  In the spiritual traditions of most major faith systems we see the belief in angels.  These angels are beings which communicate messages from the Divine to humanity.  We believe Angels (with a capital ‘A’) to be spirits sent directly from the Divine with a mission to guide, protect, and enlighten.  Consider these spirits (‘spirit’ means ‘intellect and will’) to be the divine thoughts of the Universe sent directly to those who seek divine guidance.  We sometimes refer to these ‘Angels’ or ‘divine thoughts’ as ‘Archangels.’  It’s important not to think of these ‘Angels’ in a ‘humanized’ form.  In other words, we are not ‘communicating’ with ‘unseen personalities.’  When Tomas uses the term ‘Raphael,’ for example, he is referring to the idea of ‘the healing power of the Divine.’  ‘Rapha-el’ is an ancient Hebrew expression that means ‘Healing of God.’  These are the angelic ideas that Tomas ‘reads’ in a one-on-one session.  Tomas uses his spiritual abilities and theological background to help the client align their own thoughts and decisions with those divine, primordial ideas that shape our universe.  It is the ultimate thought balancing session!

During the Reading you will have those unexpected ‘ah-ha’ moments that will help you get the guidance and confirmation you need concerning life’s issues.  Readings ‘go where they need to go.’  There is no set outline or form for our Angel Readings.  Tomas’ technique is the same for each Reading, but no two readings are alike.  (This is especially evident in Group Readings.  We can accommodate four to ten people in a Group Reading.)  You will be amazed at how the Reading seems to ‘hit all the important’ points in your life. 

Energy is the Key!
Our clients all seem to enjoy the start of the Readings and the use of dowsing rods.  Tomas uses dowsing rods to give the client an idea of the type of thought-energy being ‘read’ during the session.  The rods are not used as a ‘divination tool’ in this reading.  Tomas simply demonstrates how thought-energy affects the material world around you in an amazing way!  This part of the Reading truly mystifies most clients! 

Confidentiality in Angel Readings
What we term ‘Angel Reading,’ is a one-on-one Spiritual Conference for Tomas who has engaged in public ministry for more than fifteen years.  This means that all one-on-one Readings fall under the ministerial covenant for Tomas and are in the ‘internal forum’ or private spiritual matters.  He will only discuss your Reading with a third party if you give permission (and even with permission, he must feel confident that discussing the Reading is for the highest good).  Group Readings, however, fall into the ‘external forum’ meaning they are public by nature.

What are some of our clients saying about Angel Readings?
“Had an angel reading today and was completely amazed by what I experienced. It solidified what I knew I needed to do and helped me find closure in the things that I have been holding onto for far too long. Fantastic, fantastic time....amazing place. Will be back for more readings with friends and family!”–Jennifer

“My angel reading was 2 days ago and I'm still floating from it. Truly amazing. Whatever you believe, get on down to A World Apart in Pennsville for a reading. Seriously. Dude is on point!” –AP

“Had my very first angel reading today. AMAZING!! Thanks for introducing me to something!!!” –Jeanne

“With the way I am raving about Wednesday, you may have a sudden influx of angel readings. It was wonnnnnnnnnnnnderful! :D” –Stephanie

“Thank you Eden and Thomas for my angel reading tonight. Words cannot express how I walked out of there feeling” –Belinda

“During one of my last angel readings, I was given a warning. And although I knew better, I didn't heed this warning. At the moment it all clicked, and I said out loud, ‘watch out for the young one,’ I looked up at the moon. It was about half full, and peeking through the clouds. The clouds parted, forming the 3 Goddesses symbol around it. Before I could verbalize what I saw, it dissipated. It was like a message for me saying, ‘YES! Listen next time!’ ” –Amy

“I just wanted to thank Tomas for the Angel Reading. Changed my whole outlook on my life. Seriously life changing.” –Tara

“Its hard to explain in just a few words, its really something you have to experience. You might be familiar with angel card readings but this is totally different. To try to sum it up, Br. Tomas connects with the Angelic energies that are aound you and the reading takes on its own form from there. It truly is amazing.” –Eden

“The entire experieince was great. I learned some things about myself and left knowing exactly what I had to do. I also felt a lot closer with myself, if that makes any sense, and felt an over all sense of peace and well being and clarity. I highly recommend these readings, especially with Tomas... He's an amazing person and it's a great place.” –Blair

Angel Readings with Tomas are no longer available at A World Apart. To schedule your in-person Angel Reading with Tomas contact Simply Blessed at 856-514-2222.     

Tomas’ current services through Tranquil Oasis at Simply Blessed:
One-on-One and Group Angel Readings ~ Guided Mediation Sessions in Stress reduction, Pre-natal Bonding, Goal Focusing, and Reconciliation with Self techniques ~ Angel Reiki sessions ~ Psychic Attunements ~ Angel Reiki Aura Clearing ~ One-on-One Spiritual Direction ~ One-on-One Pastoral Coaching ~ Family Energy Balance ~ Crystal Clearing sessions ~ Spiritual Conflict and Grief Purging (four session cycle) ~ Angel Energy Development ~ Mythology of Me course facilitator ~ Holistic Living Workshops facilitator 

Spring Cleaning for the Real Home!

posted by: Tomas for Tranquil Oasis community

Spring Specials at A World Apart effective March 20th through April 20th 2012

Do you find that many people jump into the routine of Spring Cleaning when it comes to their house but forget their home?  Home is where your heart is!  Can you really do the kind of Spring Cleaning that matters if there is still clutter in your Spirit?  We aren't sure if you can!  So, at A World Apart we have made a few of our services available in Spring Cleaning Packages at a package price or take advantage of individual services discounted for the season!

Reiki Spring Specials:
Usui Reiki Healing Attunement:  $20;  Full Usui Reiki session (approx 1hr) $47; Karuna Reiki session (reg $70) $55; Angel Reiki Aura Clearing (reg $40) $20; Angel Reiki Psychic Attunement (reg $45) $25, Light-touch Reiki Body Meditation and mini-massage (reg $55 for 30mins) $40.

All New Crystal Reiki Clearing:
*Bring your crystals from home and we can clear them during your treatment!*
Crystal Reiki sessions use a combination of Usui, Karuna, and Angel Reiki symbols and techniques combined with focusing crystals to enhance the energy experience.  The client also gets an introduction to the properties of the crystals used in the session.  When you schedule your appointment we will conduct a mini Angel Reading to target the areas that need clearing.  We will choose a crystal combination that aides the clearing.  The price of the package includes a crystal point and tumbled stone that we will use in the clearing.  This package consists of an initial Reiki clearing session (approx 45min) and a follow up attunement of your choice (Usui Healing, Karuna Reiki, Angel Reiki Auric clearing or Psychic attunement) within 30 days of the first session.  This is a $90 package offered as a Spring Special at 50% off Only $45.

All New Family Energy Balance!
This new service combines a Reiki Auric Clearing and Healing Attunement with a group Angel Circle and Mini Spiritual Navigation session. (Approx 45-60mins) Our regular price is $110.  We offer this service at 50% off for the Spring Special!

All New Massage Services! (Click here to Join the Facebook Event that provides detailed information about these two new massage services!) 
Craniosacral session (reg $85) $65
Myofacial Release 60 minute session (reg $85) $65

Call A World Apart to schedule your appointment at 856-678-2444.  

Exclusive Tibetan Crystal Chakra sets!

posted by: Tomas for Tranquil Oasis Community
We are very excited to offer a limited edition Tibetan Quartz Chakra set.  A World Apart has been working to secure a source for one of the most sought after crystals in the metaphysical path.  After finding a direct source, we are now able to offer Tibetan Quartz Chakra sets at an incredible value.  However, current supply is limited!
Delux set is approx 130-140 grams ~ includes incense cones,
small mediation statute, and tapestry travel pouch
to carry a crystal with you!  Special Price $57
This is what the "Hidden Universe" minerals page has to say about Tibetan Quartz:
"Tibetan Quartz Crystals hold sacred energy frequencies and the wisdom of the ancient culture. This crystal can be used to enhance, amplify, and intensify transformation, releasing self-limitations, disease and disorders. Tibetan Quartz Crystals gather, hold and release a very high energy and tend to contain a very powerful "OM" vibration. It is also an excellent enhancer and activator of other crystals. Tibetan Quartz Double Terminated Crystals can be placed between two chakras to delete stagnant energy and to activate the two chakras. It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends and are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreams and astral projection.
Small meditation statue (style may vary)
and crystal travel pouch free with
deluxe Chakra set.
Double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow, and create an energy vortex that can clear all unwanted energy. Excellent for healing work and meditation. Double Terminated Crystals have also been used to move sickness from the body by changing the negative into positive energy. They can help to break up mental blocks, which can create addictive or unhealthy practices.
Although some are found clear, this stone is usually grayish clear or cloudy almost smokey due the amount of carbon and hematite in the areas where they are found."
We have included a variety of types (shapes) of Tibetan crystals in each set. Each set includes seven Tibetan Crystals and comes in a travel pouch.  The deluxe Chakra set also includes a sample pack of incense cones, a small meditation statue (style may vary), and a lovely tapestry case (color may vary) to carry a Tibetan crystal with you through your travels. The small case has both a snap and zipper to be sure your crystal is protected. 

Large set approx. 70-75 grams. $36

Our mini travel Chakra set is approx 7grams and includes
seven Tibetan mini points and/or chips.  Only $7.00!
This pouch is used to balance the Chakras on-the-go!

Medium set is approx. 25 grams. $25

Your Oasis is ready!

The New Private Retreat Room has become a much-loved "get-away in the middle of the day" for so many of our clients.  Here, you can enjoy our menu of energy healing and relaxation services.  Experience our full length services (usually an hour) or choose from our menu of half-length (usually 30 min) services.

We also offer a complete menu of mini services that we can execute in about 15 minutes.  These services can be purchased separately or you can take advantage of the Lunchtime Oasis Package!  The Lunchtime Oasis Package is a one-month package that includes 4 weekday Private Retreat Room mini's and 1 weekend Spiritual Oasis Room mini.   Use one mini each week and we can schedule you for a mini relaxation service during your lunch break!  It's just the thing to make the work-week more enjoyable!  All packages are less than $99! You can buy a package just for you or split it with friends at work so you each get a mini! Stop by the store, call 856-678-2444, or contact us on Facebook for information and to book your package!

Our New Tranquil Oasis Services

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Welcome to A World Apart
This is a place to develop a tranquil spirit and learn techniques that will help you maintain inner peace. This is a place where you can not only be yourself but discover yourself. Membership gives you a place where you can come when feeling overwhelmed and wishing you could have moments of peace… where you can get away from your worries without emptying your wallet. Members enjoy our private retreat room and have access to guided meditation, one-on-one spiritual support programs, and healing services.

Membership Information
Basic Membership ($4.95/month) includes Services.

Preferred Membership ($9.95/month) includes discounted Services, Membership discount card for 10% off A World Apart purchases, and Free access to all workshops

Take a look at just a few of our featured services and workshops...

For the Body: Massage Session Focusing on one specific area needing attention.

Mini Karuna Reiki Session (15 minutes) Promotes healing on specific issues and levels.

Crystal Healing Connect with Earth energy while we strategically place appropriate healing crystals around you.

For the Mind:Workshops available on a variety of topics such as:Angelic Spirituality
Introduction to Meditation Techniques
Reiki Certifications