The Lotus Collection

Posted by: Tomas for Tranquil Oasis Community
When you shop at A World Apart our hope is to help you to Make Your World Sacred.  Each person is a world unto themselves.  We believe you are all sacred in your own way.  The Lotus Collection will help you to bring beautiful elements into your environment that are rooted in sacred meaning.  In this collection you will find sacred meditation crystals, inspiring incense and burners, sacred candles and votive glasses, empowering books, spiritual elements like prayer beads and meditation tools, and so much more!

Today we bring you our newest addition, the Lotus Chakra Votive holders.  These hand-made Lotus Flower votive holders are made from natural translucent seashells that have been carefully cut, painted, and formed into the beautiful delicate Lotus Flowers you see in our featured photos.  Each Lotus is painted in a color that represents one of the Seven Major Chakras.  These votive holders are beautiful on their own when used as a meditation focus object or when used with the specially made stem-like stands.  Single and Three-Flower stands are available in our showroom.  We can also special order the Tree of Life holder that will accommodate all seven Chakra Lotus Flowers. You can also order the beautiful Chakra balancing Stem, see a sales associate for details.

The Lotus Lights are used to focus your intellect and will on the abilities associated with each Chakra.  If you have developed your Chakra Energies the Lotus Tree is a sign of your enlightenment in the material world.  If you are taking the first steps on your sacred journey, the Lotus Lights are a beautiful way to illuminate your way.  Use them as a meditation focusing tool as you study and develop each Chakra.  Begin with the Root Chakra Light and add a new light each time you ascend to a higher Chakra.  Imagine the beautiful art piece you will have when you have ascended to the highest Chakra!  It can be your reward to your self for completing your journey of light in the energy of the Chakras.

The Root Chakra
This Chakra affirms your right to exist.  It  deals with tasks related to the material and physical world and your ability to stand up for yourself.  Your Root Chakra is thought to be out of balance when you experience anemia, fatigue, lower back pain, sciatica, depression, colds or cold hands and feet. A balanced Root Chakra is believed to stimulate physical exercise and restful sleep. 

The Sacral Chakra
This Chakra is associated with the human feelings.  It affirms your right to feel emotion in the material world.  A balanced Sacral Chakra leads to balanced emotions and healthy feelings.  This Chakra is important in helping to connect the higher self with sensing abilities and feelings. The ability to be social and communal is closely tied to a balanced Sacral Chakra.  Keeping this energy healthy helps to avoid trust and intimacy issues.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
This is the Chakra of Personal Power! It is associated with a human's right to possess and develop intelligence and  to think freely. This Chakra helps to balance intellect and will, build self-confidence, and control the power of the ego. A healthy Solar Plexus Chakra helps to develop self-control and sense of humor.

The Heart Chakra
This Chakra is the bridge between the material self and the higher self.  The Heart Chakra is the bridge to the heaven inside you.  It is believed to affect relationships in the material world as it is the Chakra that represents your relationship with your higher self.  It affirms your right to experience love in this life. A healthy Heart Chakra is thought to bring healthy Love, promote forgiveness, and lead to a healthy empathy with the world around you. A balanced Heart Chakra aides your ability to develop self-control and self-acceptance.

The Throat Chakra
This Chakra affects the way you communicate with the Universe!  It affirms your right to speak and express yourself.  It gives you the power to live and defend your beliefs and personal truths. A balanced Throat Chakra is believed to give you the ability build trust and loyalty in your circle of friends and family. A strong Throat Chakra is thought to lead to powerful organizational skills, the ability to motivate others, and plan strategically and effectively.  

The Third Eye Chakra
This is the Chakra of Intuition.  It affirms your right to see past the material world and into the world of meaning.  A Balanced Third Eye Chakra is though to develop a clear and true intuition and draw insights that lead to epiphanies. This Chakra can help with finding a deep connection with the self and aid in self discovery.  It can help you to uncover repressed negative thoughts and eliminate them from your life path. This Chakra is one that not only helps you to take in information from the Universe, but gives you the ability to project out into the world of meaning, therefore helping you to shape your world. 

The Crown Chakra
This Chakra is that which represents your higher self manifested in the perceivable world.  It is that which gives you a connection with That Which Knows All and Is All.  This Chakra affirms your right to aspire to new heights.  It is the Chakra of Ascension.  It is your ability to transcend to the divine consciousness.  It develops your oneness with the Universe.